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Rezolution Pictures

Rezolution Pictures International is an Aboriginal-owned film and television production company based in Montreal. Since 2001, Rezolution Pictures has been at the forefront of Canada’s cultural landscape, having attracted over $25 million to develop and produce award-winning projects, including the Peabody Award-winning Reel Injun, which has been sold to countries around the world and received three Gemini awards in 2010.


The Screen Actors Guild of America sent copies of Reel Injun to numerous Casting Association across the United States to use as a reference when casting Native characters in their films. Consequently, Reel Injun has had a significant impact in helping eliminate Native stereotypes in movies produced by the Hollywood film industry.


Rezolution’s latest productions include the 5th season of the comedy series Mohawk Girls, which has been airing on APTN since 2014, the 2nd season of the wildly successful docu-series Indian+Aliens, as well as the international award-winning feature documentary RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World, set to air on Superchannel and PBS.


Rezolution’s projects have stimulated the economy in Native communities by helping create jobs and training in the film industry, injecting over $1 million in cultural development and production infrastructure.


In addition Rezolution’s productions have collectively won 15 awards, including The Peabody Award, Five Gemini awards, two Golden Sheaf Awards and The Colin Low Award for best Canadian Documentary at Doxa. In addition, they have entertained audiences worldwide, securing broadcasts in Canada with Superchannel, APTN, OMNI, TVO, CBC, RDI, ARTV, Tele-Québec, in the U.S. with FNX, and Vision Maker, and internationally with ARTE.


Rezolution Pictures International boasts a motivated creative and business team, which consists of co-founders and executive producers Ernest Webb and Catherine Bainbridge, and executive producers Christina Fon and Linda Ludwick. In the last fifteen years, Rezolution Pictures has crafted major productions that span several genres, from comedy to drama to big budget non-fiction documentary features and series, creating over 100 hours of meaningful programming.


Starting in 2010, Rezolution partnered with Vander Caballero, a leading figure in Canada’s video game industry and a pioneer in VR, to launch Minority Games, an independent video game development studio currently at work on Time Machine VR. Minority has won multiple awards for its 2012 game Papo & Yo, which has been widely praised for its role in introducing a new game genre – empathy games – and helping to reshape video game culture.


In 2015, Minority and Rezolution combined their expertise in film production and VR game design to launch MinorityVR. They are joined in this venture by producer Isabelle Bourduas, whose previous accomplishments include starting the English production division at Zone 3 and executive producing several series there, as well as serving 7 years as head of international co-productions at Cineflix, and Michael Zaidan, an award winning writer, producer and director, who has written and directed for A&E, Paramount, FOX, Zone 3, Remstar, Bravo, among others. MinorityVR creates virtual reality experiences to accompany factual and scripted series, allowing broadcasters to get on board with this groundbreaking new technology. The team recently completed shooting on A&E’s first VR experience.



Ernest Webb

Executive Producer


“My mantra, since pretty much the beginning, has been ‘the right people will come together at the right time for the right project.’ So that’s how I try to work. Try not to force things. Because when you come at it in a good way, Spirit will enter.”


Born in James Bay and raised in the Cree community of Chisasibi, Ernest Webb has devoted his life to telling the stories of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples across all media. Co-founder of Rezolution Pictures with Catherine Bainbridge in 2001, Webb began by making documentaries about small Aboriginal communities, in his words, ‘Telling peoples’ stories, stories that might not otherwise have been told, by people that might not have been heard before.’ Committed to this ethos, the company made several films inspired by his home community with Webb directing and/or co-directing; these include Cree Spoken Here, The Last Explorer, and Down the Mighty River. With Rezolution’s increasing success, Webb has led the charge as Rezo branched out into series, such as the highly successful comedy Mohawk Girls, recently nominated for 4 Canadian Screen awards, and the popular documentary series Indians and Aliens, which he directs and hosts. Along with the team at Rezolution, he continues to produce top calibre documentaries such as the Peabody-winning Reel Injun and the highly anticipated Rumble. With the creation of Minority Media in 2010, Webb brought his passion for Aboriginal stories into the gaming world, with Spirits of Spring, co-created with gaming visionary Vander Caballero. Currently in development on Dirty Red Boys with director Jeff Barnaby, Webb continues to inspire by bringing meaningful indigenous stories to the screen, honouring past and future generations.

CatherineCatherine Bainbridge

Executive Producer


“My parents always told me to ‘hire the best, and get out of the way.’ So that’s what we do.”


Throughout her accomplished career in media, Catherine Bainbridge has brought her signature exuberance and passion for storytelling to a range of key roles in genres as diverse as documentary film, tv comedy and virtual reality gaming. Catherine co-founded Rezolution Pictures in 2001 with Ernest Webb. She is a producer for Rezolution Pictures’ popular series’ Indians & Aliens and Mohawk Girls, recently nominated for 4 Canadian Screen Awards,  a co-director and co-executive producer on the Peabody and Gemini award-winning feature documentary Reel Injun (2009), an executive-producer for The Oka Legacy, a 2015 CBC Firsthand documentary, and co-director and co-writer of the upcoming Rumble: The Indians that Rocked the World, a feature documentary that will reveal the yet-unknown role that Native Americans have played in popular music history.

Christina Fon

Executive Producer


A Peabody and two-time Gemini Award winner, Christina Fon handles a wide range of duties as a producer with Rezolution Pictures International, where she is currently working on RUMBLE: the Indians Who Rocked the World, an internationally-financed feature length documentary, which had its worldwide premiere at Sundance Film Festival in January 2017 where it received the Special Jury Award for Masterful Storytelling. Christina is also producer on director Tracey Deer’s dramatic series Mohawk Girls, currently in production for season 5, and nominated in 2016 for 4 Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Comedy Series, a first for an Aboriginal production. In 2015, Christina was a major player in the launch of MinorityVR, a new company that combines Rezolution Pictures’ and Minority Media’s respective expertise in film production and video games to create VR experiences that accompany broadcast series. Over two decades of working in the industry, Christina has established relationships with major Canadian, US and international broadcasters, including HBO Canada, CBC, APTN, PBS, and ARTE France. In 2009 and 2010, Christina received the Canada Award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, honouring the best in multicultural programming, for her role as producer on the documentaries Club Native, directed by Tracey Deer, and the Peabody Award-winning Reel Injun, directed by Neil Diamond.


Linda Ludwick

Executive Producer


An invaluable member of the Rezolution Pictures International team, Linda Ludwick offers a rare mix of financial and production expertise. She’s been responsible for financial management since the company’s inception. Her production credits include the upcoming feature documentary Rumble: the Indians Who Rocked the World, the Peabody Award-winning Reel Injun, and the recent dramatic comedy series Mohawk Girls for APTN and OMNI, recently nominated for 4 Canadian Screen Awards. Linda is also a founding member of Beesum Communications, an independent Cree majority-owned and operated communications company and publisher of The Nation, where she has been Director of Finance for the past 20 years.