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Mohawk Girls Season 3 Premiers

Mohawk Girls Season 3 Premiers


Montreal (October 1, 2015) APTN’s (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) critically-acclaimed and much-loved dramedy Mohawk Girls returns for season three. Our four leading ladies deal with wild situations and unexpected choices as they continue to define what it is to be a modern-day Mohawk woman – not that any of them can agree on what that means! And their families and friends only make matters worse.

In season three, Mohawk Girls will lead the audience further into Mohawk culture, as the girls visit the longhouse and learn ancestral methods of survival while navigating the oh-so-complicated dating world. Sex, romance, tradition:Mohawk Girls celebrates friendship while never shying away from the complexities of life on the rez.

Filmed and set in Montreal and the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, the six-episode, third season of the half-hour dramedy premieres Tuesday, October27 with back-to-back episodes airing weekly on APTN East and APTN HD at 9 p.m. ET, and on APTN West at 9 p.m. 

Viewers may also delve into the world of Mohawk Girls via the interactive website, with web-exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, a quiz app and entertaining graphic content. The devoted online community of the series can connect via FacebookInstagramTwitter and Tumblr.

This season Bailey (Jenny Pudavick) continues on her quest to become the “perfect” Mohawk and discovers a side of herself no one saw coming. Caitlin (Heather White), still having her life ruled by bad choices and bad boy Butterhead (Meegwun Fairbrother), takes a hold of her own destiny. After her embarrassing meltdown at Lollipop’s (Devery Jacobs) wedding, perfectionist Zoe (Brittany Leborgne) spins headlong down the rabbit hole of kinky sex. Ever the fish-out-of-water, Anna (Maika Harper) has found love with Mohawk heartthrob Thunder (Kyle Nobess), but will she ever truly belong?

Returning as the girls’ friends, foes and family members: Rachelle White Wind (Dream Big, Moccasin Flats), Glen Gould (Da Vinci’s City Hall)Tantoo Cardinal (Dances with Wolves, Legends of the Fall) and Alain Chanoine (The Amazing Race Canada).

The first season of Mohawk Girls received positive reviews from major national media outlets, and won several awards, including a Golden Sheaf Award in the Comedy category at the Yorkton Film Festival, the APTN Award at the Festival Présence Autochtone (Montreal First Peoples’ Festival) and a nomination for Best Sitcom at the Banff Rockie Awards.
“gutsy…hilarious and consequential.”

– John Doyle, The Globe and Mail


“Mohawk Girls abides by the glossy standards of Hollywood while remaining true to its more humble documentary roots as an exploration of identity. It is a slickly produced package that looks at issues of racism, sexuality and culture in a frank and oftentimes subversive way that would not be out of place on edgier cable.”

– Tony Wong, Toronto Star


 “It looks like Sex and the City had a baby with a Joseph Boyden novel produced by Shonda Rhimes.”

– Ashley Csanady,
Mohawk Girls is created and executive produced by Tracey Deer and Cynthia Knight; Tracey Deer directs the episodes and Cynthia Knight is the head writer.

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