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Dreamcatcher Bios


Dreamcatcher Bios is a 13 x 22-minute documentary series that tells the life stories of amazing, globally successful game changers and how their Indigenous spirit got them to the top. Each week, our young audience will be inspired through the stories of their role models in popular culture. Our Dene narrator we guide us through the tribulations our heroes endure and the eventual triumphs that they celebrate. We will explore how these people beat the odds, to make it big as the elite actors, athletes, astronauts, and musicians we all know and love.


We’ll get to know our heroes, both in their homes and through their inner circles, learning about their ambitions and goals, the challenges they faced, and the adversities they overcame.


These heroes represent their Aboriginal culture in a way that makes the world proud.

Executive Producer

Stevie Salas


Directed by

Shannon Kaplun & Ernest Webb


Written by

Carl Freed, Shannon Kaplun,

Rebecca Lessard & Ernest Webb


Produced by

Christina Fon



Catherine Bainbridge, Linda Ludwick

& Lisa M. Roth


Executive Producers

Catherine Bainbridge, Christina Fon,

Linda Ludwick & Ernest Webb


Director of Photography

Edith Labbé



Carl Freed & Rebecca Lessard


Music by

Brian D’Oliveira






13 x 22 minutes – Documentary series – Dene and English

Indians + Aliens 2