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Indians + Aliens: The Game

Indians and Aliens: The Game is a mystical puzzle-adventure based on the TV series of the same name, produced by award-winning filmmakers, Rezolution Pictures. It is the Aboriginal tale of a wise shaman on a quest to save an important member of his tribe taken by a group of otherworldly visitors. Will he succeed, or will this abduction join the wealth of enigmatic lore passed on through the ages of the tribe?


Indians and Aliens: The Game was inspired by intriguing stories of interstellar visitors told by the Native peoples of northern Quebec.



  • A fascinating story told in 3 chapters
  • 30 challenging puzzle levels
  • Earn rewards for completing levels in less moves and less time
  • Gorgeous graphics and captivating music
  • It’s FREE!


Developed by

Carol Bertrand, Charles-William Bibaud, Frederic Hamel, Jean-François Pérusse, Stéphanie Landry, Tali Goldstein & Yann Penno



Cree Consultants

Ernest Webb & Will Nicholls



Original Soundtracks

Douglas Capellato



Cree Singer

Matthew Iserhoff



Foley and Sound Design

Douglas Capellato



Sound Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering

Douglas Capellato



Cree Voice-overs

Ernest Webb


Thanks to:

Vander Caballero, Deborah Chantson, Antonio Maiorano, Julien Barnoin, Paul Di Marco & Guy Francoeur

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Indians + Aliens