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Working It Out Together – A Magazine for Contemporary Indigenous Voices

We’ve reached a turning point in history and a shift is taking place. There’s still a big hill to climb, but one thing is for certain- a powerful movement is well underway, and our people are leading the action.


WIOT Magazine is a response to the growing wave of consciousness towards Indigenous voices across the country. We’re writers, artists, activists, filmmakers, scholars, knowledge keepers, and generally awesome doers. Our strength is rooted in community, and we all have a place in the circle.


In WIOT Magazine, we’re sharing our art, stories, films, recipes and much more. We know that our voices have the power to inspire change, and people are listening more than ever. WIOT Magazine is a platform for new ideas and bridges. Most importantly, it’s a testament to all the nuances that make up who we are as Indigenous people. And that’s something to celebrate.


Richard Van Camp-Square
Richard Van Camp: Tłı̨chǫ Author & Story-Teller


Niore Iqalukjuak Profile Pic
Niore Iqalukjuak: Inuit Photographer


Pura Fe-square
Pura Fe: Tuscarora Artist and Activist


Roseanne Supernault-square
Roseanne Supernault: Métis/Cree Actress & Writer


Nakuset Profile Pictur-square
Nakuset Shapiro: Cree Community Advocate, TV Host


Rich Francis Profile Pic
Rich Francis: Tetlit Gwich’in/Tuscarora Chef


Joleen Mitton Profil Pic
Joleen Mitton: Plains Cree/French/Scottish Youth Mentor, Model, Entrepreneur
The Oka Legacy
Working It Out Together Season 3