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Working it Out Together Season 2

As a former Olympian, Waneek Horn-Miller wants to share everything she knows to empower the average citizen to reclaim their vitality through health and wellness. In Working It Out Together Season II, a thirteen part series, we will follow her journey to help eight Aboriginal people turn their lives around. The participants are dealing with nearly every issue related to wellness, from obesity, eating disorders, low self esteem, emotional trauma, busy schedules, depression, poor nutrition, substance abuse and lack of motivation. Relying on the numerous experts she has in her network, Waneek will offer them the chance to tackle all of these obstacles with supportive guidance. Each individual will need to find a way to achieve results and transform their lives for the better. By observing the pitfalls and triumphs of everyday people as they try to get healthy, the audience will learn many lessons and, hopefully, be inspired and empowered to make changes in their own lives. It isn’t easy, but “working it out together” is worth the effort – Waneek will prove it.


Angie-Pepper O’Bomsawin



Tracey Deer



Catherine Bainbridge, Tracey Deer, Christina Fon

& Linda Ludwick


Executive Producers

Catherine Bainbridge, Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick & Ernest Webb


Creative Producer

Tracey Deer


Digital Media Producer 

Kim Ross



Carl Freed, James Malloch & SImon Webb






Tracey Deer, Waneek Horn-Miller &

Keith Morgan






13 x 22 minutes – Documentary series – Mohawk and English




The Participants

Alexa Keleutak

Nation: Inuk
Age: 22
Occupation: Receptionist
“I have a lot of bad habits and it’s really impacting my life. I’m stressed and tired a lot, so I don’t take care of myself properly. I want to live a healthier lifestyle!”



Jonas Gilbert

Nation: Mohawk
Age: 24
Occupation: Hair Stylist
“I was in a toxic relationship and it really messed me up. I didn’t like who I was and I used food and alcohol to feel better. But I want to find a way to be my best self!”



Lisa Gibson

Nation: Mohawk
Age: 31
Occupation: Full-time Mom
“I tend to put myself last and I want to do this for me. I want to lose weight, learn better eating habits and improve my wellbeing both socially and spiritually. It’s important that I’m a good role model to my sons.”




Karyn Murray

Nation: Mohawk
Age: 32
Occupation: Mary Kay Consultant
“My doctor told me I’m borderline diabetic and I know it’s time to make big changes. I have 8 children – so I’m a busy mom and I always neglect myself. I need a lifestyle make-over so badly!”




Kahentisakhe Lazare

Nation: Mohawk
Age: 31
Occupation: Teacher
“I’m a busy mom of three kids – but I never have the time to be busy with them. I’m always exhausted and I see my kids emulating me. They aren’t active. I need to refocus on me for their sake.”




Jenny Lahache

Nation: Mohawk
Age: 26
Occupation: Full-time Mom
“I’ve been through a lot in my life and haven’t had much support. Depression and lack of confidence really hold me back. I want to find the happy version of myself.”





Sophie-Claude Miller

Nation: James Bay Cree
Age: 32
Occupation: Telemarketer
“I just lost my Dad and I’m having a tough time dealing with that. I know fitness is a natural way to deal with hard times and I’m looking to this journey to help me through this time in my life.”



Marie Celine Charron

Nation: Naskapi
Age: 27
Occupation: Family Care Worker
“I’m getting close to 30 years old and I’m noticing my body changing. I know it’s time to make changes! I’m really motivated to help my people and in order to do that I need to be healthy – inside and out!”



The Experts

SYLVIE ALVES – hairstylist

Sylvie Alves began studying hairdressing in 2000 and her passion for the art has driven her to numerous conferences and conventions all over Canada and the United States.





ALEXANDRA APPLE – hairstylist

Alexandra Apple is a Montreal-based hairsylist and colorist who’s been working in the field for over 5 years. She works with the Redken team backstage at Toronto Fashion Week, Festival Design et Mode as well as many hair conventions. When she isn’t working behind the scenes, she’s running her own private salon in Montreal, Salon Unlistd.



RINA BYNOE – zumba instructor

Rina Bynoe is a professionally trained dancer with 30 years experience. Rina is trained in Brazilian Samba, Cabaret, Rock ‘n Roll and most recently, Zumba (Zumba Basic, Zumba Kids, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, and Zumba Gold). She is energetic, dynamic, and entertaining as both a performer and instructor.




Tiffany Wahsontiiostha Deer, from the Mohawk Nation of Kahnawake, is the owner and chef of Kwe Kwe Gourmet, a catering company that specializes in healthy dishes made.
“As Native people, I think it’s natural that we pioneer this movement away from big business food and opt for organic, healthy choices,” Tiffany shares. “I hope to show people that it isn’t hard to incorporate good food into our diets. Healthy food seems to have a bad reputation with a lot of people. It can actually be very delicious!”




Derek Delisle, 37, has been working as a personal trainer since 2005. He’s certified through CanFitPro and worked as a trainer for GoodLife Fitness and Premiere Fitness before starting his own company, Total Fitness, in 2009. Derek now runs his own gym in his hometown of Kahnawake where he and his wife Nathalie have joined forces to train clients, as well as design meal plans. They live in Chateauguay with their two sons.
“It’s just a great feeling when a client reaches a goal. To see their progress, to see them succeed, that’s what I get out of it.



CHRISTINE DULONG – yoga instructor

In her quest for deeper expression, Christine Dulong developed a passion to help others reconnect to Mother Earth and internal energies. She began teaching yoga 7 years ago while living in the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, where she refined her gifts, continuing to evolve in her practices. Now a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and living in Toronto, Christine combines her experiences with psychic sensitivity, clearing and balancing energies, meditation, pranayama, Reiki and other modalities.



JOËLLE EMOND, R.D. – Dietician

Joëlle Emond is a member of the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec (OPDQ). She completed her bachelor in dietetics at McGill University in 2011. Joëlle works as a clinical and community dietitian in Kahnawake, a Mohawk territory located on the south shore of Montreal. Joëlle’s enthusiasm as well as expertise in nutrition and First Nation’s health will surely motivate participants to take a step towards a healthy diet and lifestyle!



KELLY KENSELAAR – makeup artist

Kelly Kenselaar started her career in the beauty industry 10 years ago at a small beauty boutique. It was there she found her passion for helping women feel beautiful. Kelly took her career one step further by becoming an esthetician/spa therapist and now operates One Spa Retreat Montreal, providing total mind and body wellness.
“My favourite clients are always the ones who can’t see past their imperfections. We all have them, we just need to learn how to focus on our best features instead and make them pop! When I show women how easy it can be to do that and they look at themselves in the mirror with a big smile, that’s when their inner beauty shines through.”




JAMIE KRUPP – martial arts instructor

Jamie Krupp, 43, was born in Manitoba, but was adopted by a non-Native Montreal family in 1973. Suffering physical abuse his whole childhood, Jamie turned to drugs and alcohol at only 13 years old, but has been sober for 15 years. Jamie likes to share his story with other Aboriginals, passing on the message that you can overcome. He studied Martial Arts as a child and teen and is now a second degree Black Belt. He ran his own Karate school for a few years, and both represented and coached the National Karate Team. Jamie became a Drug and Alcohol Councilor in 2000 and worked with Native inmates in federal prisons, focusing on Spirituality. Jamie now works as a security guard and trains others in the profession.





Konwatsitsa:wi is a passionate presenter who splits her time between the Kahnawake Mohawk territory in Québec and New Mexico. A member of the bear clan, she is also a high school teacher who has a Bachelor and Master of Arts degree in Educational Studies from Concordia University.
Konwatsitsa:wi travels across the continent giving workshops on a variety of topics including self-improvement, leadership, parenting, wellness, sexuality, and First Nation’s history and education.



KEYSA PARKER – tradional dancer

Keysa hails from Kanawake and is of the Mohawk and Seneca Nations. Travelling to Pow Wows since she was three years old, Keysa is a Fancy Shawl Dance expert.






SANDRA REICH M.Ed, CCC. – psychotherapist

Sandra Reich is a cognitive behavioural therapist who specializes in anxiety disorders. She is the Clinical Director of the Montréal Center of Anxiety and Depression ( Sandra holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from McGill University, is certified and licensed with the Canadian Counselling Association, and has been featured on Discovery Health Channel, Bravo and Global as an expert in her field.




CATENA SANTORO – fashion stylist

Born in Montreal with an Italian background, Catena Santoro graduated from Fashion School in New York and pursued a career as a Designer for close to 15 years. Although Catena has remained a committed designer, she has directed her efforts towards the needs of the consumer since 2010, and created a wardrobe consulting service called Suite…creme de la creme, offering shopping solutions for busy men and women who have no time to hunt for clothes and accessories.

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